For the past week I’ve been camping on the Moon. I have a small pup tent that I sleep in at night, next to my rocket. I’ve been spending my days going for long walks and pondering why I have lately not been able to say the word, “and.” I stopped saying it in conversations about two months ago.

I didn’t realize that particular words absence until my friend Max mentioned it to me. He said, “You just left out the word ‘and.'” I asked what he meant. Max said, “You just said, ‘I bought a can of tuna, bread, mayonnaise.'” I said that he heard wrong. Max asked me to repeat what I’d said. I said, “I bought a can of tuna, bread, mayonnaise.” I gasped. I tried again with the same result. I moaned. Max said, “Just say the word ‘and’ by itself.” I tried but nothing came out. I was distraught.

I consciously tried including, “and” in sentences over the next few months but to no avail. I would lose my temper and storm out mid conversation, leaving whomever I was speaking with baffled. I became so depressed over the situation that I left for the Moon where I could be alone and reflect.

Though in the past week I’ve tried but haven’t been able to say the word, I found that can write it. And and and. I’m thinking the solution is to write, “And” on a note card and hold it up when needed in a conversation.

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