The Sun had enough

The Sun had enough

The Sun had enough and left the solar system. It got so dark that none of the planets could see where they were going and they ran into each other. There was a lot of grumbling and antics.

When it all settled down, the planets decided they needed a system of lights. They’d learned the hard way that if one light goes out and that’s all they got, they’re screwed. So they sent out their intent through the interplanetary mailing system, and waited.

Not long after, a number of stars from various galaxies showed up for the interview. They had resumes and letters of recommendations, and each expounded on why they would be superior space light bulbs.

142 stars were interviewed, but the planets only had enough money to hire 7. It was hard, but the planets narrowed it down, and announced their decision. The ones that didn’t make the cut were either angry or depressed. They left crying and swearing.

The 7 stars were excited to start their job, when the previous Sun returned. The Sun said that it just needed a break and was ready to go back work. There was an awkward silence as the planets didn’t know what to say. The Sun looked around, noticed the 7 stars, and got the picture. It said there were no hard feelings and left.

The Sun ducked behind a black hole and watched the solar system from afar, cursing and plotting revenge.

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