What about Bitty?

What about Bitty?

I walked down the street. Hundreds of dogs were lined up on the sidewalks of both sides of the street. The dogs sat and nodded as I strolled by.

When I got to the end of the street, I stopped and looked back at all the dogs looking at me. After a moment, I said, “Free!” All the dogs leapt up and ran to me.

I said, “And so begins the 200-hundred mile jaunt!” The dogs barked in concordance.

A schnauzer named Blerck said, “Wait, what about Bitty?”

I looked back up the street and saw Bitty the bulldog sitting still, focused on something nearby.

I yelled, “Bitty, your presence is requested.”

Bitty wouldn’t look at me, but yelled back, “I’m staying. There’s one leaf left on the oak tree and I don’t want to miss it fall.”

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