The stroll

The stroll

I woke up in the am, got out of bed, went outside and began walking. I strolled down the sidewalks in my PJs. I like wearing them because they are light and roomy.

I kept going once I reached Magnasun’s Park. Magnasun’s is a field that stretches for miles. I jaunted through its thick grasses. Seeds began amassing on my pajama bottoms. When the sunlight struck them, it looked like I had cricket’s legs.

Magnasun’s ended and I entered the north part of town, which is mostly factories and warehouses. I marched at an excited and energetic pace because I’m inspired by long buildings without windows. I like that no one can look out a window at me.

Next I came upon the freeway. I walked along the shoulder. Cars and trucks roared by, and occasionally there would be a honk. I sensed that was because there was a tear in the back seat of my PJs.

I continued onto the turn off, and after a few minutes came to Mucker’s deli. I went into the back room and to my locker. I opened it and changed into my uniform. I punched in and went into the kitchen. I turned on the burners under the fry surface, added oil, and waited.

Jewels the waitress appeared in the order window and placed a customer’s food wishes on the circular order spinner. She said to me, “I feel like a butterfly today, Brooks. Don’t be surprised if you see me fluttering around, in search of nectar.”

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