I was sitting on the sand looking out at the Ocean. I got restless, stood up, took off my sandals, and walked into the water. I can hold my breath for a really long time, so I wasn’t concerned when my head went under.

I walked for a while. I looked up and around at the fish. I feel calm looking at fish. Some darted around me. Some peeked out of tiny caves. Others moved by in a school swath, looking like one big fish.

I enjoyed feeling the wet sand between my toes as I walked. It tingled in an erotic way.

I lost track of time. I needed to catch a breath. I swam towards the surface. Once up there I tread water. I liked the feeling of the water carrying me up and down.

I looked back and couldn’t see the land. I felt tired. I started swimming towards where I had come from. Eventually I saw the beach way far off. I began to get a cramp.

That’s when a whale lifted me up out of the water, carrying me on its back. I pat its skin to show I was grateful.

The whale was swimming away from the beach. I leaned towards its ear hole and asked if it could go the other direction. The whale continued on.

I lay back and felt the Sun on me.

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