My right arm fell off when I got out of bed this morning. It hit the floor with a thud, kind of what I imagined it would sound like if I dropped a whole frozen chicken. I bent over and picked it up. I tried to put it back where it came from. Like reattaching a Barbie arm. But it wouldn’t stick.

Since it didn’t hurt, I tucked it under my left arm and went downstairs to make breakfast. I get pretty hungry in the mornings and if I don’t eat right away I get antsy. I set my right arm on the counter and tried to make eggs with just my left. It was difficult. I tried and managed to fry the eggs, though I made a big mess on the stove and the floor. I ate the eggs and felt better.

My dog Rexy came into the kitchen and ate the food mess on the ground. Then she asked if we could play fetch. I said yes since it only takes one arm. We went out into the backyard. But we couldn’t find any sticks that I could toss. So I went back inside and got my other arm, and came back out and tossed it. Rexy ran after and brought it back. I think she might not have gotten it that it was my arm. But I was mostly glad that she didn’t try and eat it.

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