I guess I’ll visit Benjamin Franklin

I guess I’ll visit Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

I finally got around to a time travel visit with Benjamin Franklin. I went to June 15th, 1752, and a field in Philadelphia. There was a thunderstorm. Franklin was standing underneath a small portable roof on stilts. He was holding onto a string that was attached to a kite in the sky. Franklin spotted me and motioned me to come over and stand safely under the roof. I did. The first thing I noticed was the tremendous warmth coming off of him. I’ve discovered in my travels that people of great creativity and invention are warmer than others. I’ve deduced that it takes a lot of juice to run these kind of people.

Franklin didn’t mind that I was standing so close. Back then physical closeness wasn’t a problem. Actually if you stood more than six inches from somebody, they would take it as a great offense. I stood closely to him because I wanted to avoid being struck by lightening, otherwise I would have stood a comfortable twenty-foot shouting distance away.

The famous Benjamin asked me a non-stop barrage of questions. It wasn’t assaulting. He was curious. Everything seemed new and interesting to him, like a infant awe struck by anything. He wanted to know about my clothing, my strange way of talking, and why I didn’t reek. I was honest and told him I came from 2018. He accepted it as truth and wanted to know about all the great technological discoveries. I showed him my cell phone. Franklin rumpled his face, saying, “Ah, to be at the tethered end of any jowl bog with an ardor my attention.”

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