Strange places I’ve woken up

Strange places I’ve woken up

sleep walker

I’m a sleep walker. I get up in the middle of the night and wander about my house. Sometimes I manage to make it outside and fumble around the neighborhood. Once a neighbor said she saw me at night out her window, riding a deer around her backyard.

A handful of times I slept walked into my time-machine and visited places in the past and future. This happened recently when I woke up in a small plane flying over water. I managed my way around crates to the cockpit, surprising the pilot Charles Lindbergh, who it turns out was on his famous 1927 flight over the Atlantic Ocean. He said he was so tired that he didn’t care how I’d gotten on board, and asked me to take over the controls while he napped. I was able to do it due to my many, many hours spent playing Atari’s Stars Wars: Fight for Naboo.

Another incident when I time-slept-traveled was when I woke up in a field in the middle of the day. There were no discernible signs that would give me a clue as to when and where I was. I waited for hours, thinking maybe a troop of British soldiers on American soil during the Revolutionary War would happen by. Or maybe a comet heading directly to Earth and ending the dinosaurs reign. I’m a curious sort, and can sit around for days waiting to find an answer. Eventually it began to rain and I got inside my time-machine and sat down on the floor to wait it out. It has a roof, and a door that closes. I fell asleep and I figured I got up and reset the dials, because I woke up this time in the woods, again not knowing when and where. A deer walked by, followed not long after by a racoon. I waited for a couple of hours, but by now, hunger overcame curiosity and I traveled back home.

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