The Sun’s dilemma

The Sun’s dilemma

the sun

The Sun and I held hands as we walked around the lake.

The Sun said, “Nothing seems to be working out. I shine my light, things grow, but then they die. What’s the point?”

I said, “I don’t know. I’d rather not get into these deep things. Can’t we just enjoy our walk?”

The Sun said, “I’m sorry.”

We walked in silence for a while.

The Sun finally said, “Seriously, why should I even shine?”

I said, “Don’t shine then.

The Sun held its breath and its light went out. Everything was swallowed up in the pitch black. It got so cold that my teeth chattered and I began to shiver and shake.

The Sun breathed out and its light was back. The Sun put its arm around me, rubbing my back up and down vigorously to warm me up.

The Sun said, “I’m so sorry. Is this helping?”

I said, “Yes.”

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