Sun Quandary

The Sun didn’t come up this morning. I went outside and threw rocks up in the sky to try and wake up the Sun. Finally one of the rocks hit the Sun.

The Sun said, “What the…?”

I apologized and said that the Sun was late for work.

The Sun said, “I’m quitting! You do it!”

I said I didn’t have the necessary illumination qualities. The Sun didn’t say anything.

So for about an hour I strained really hard to shine. But I couldn’t create light. So I gave up and sat on the ground.

From the sky I heard the Sun say, “It’s not that easy, is it?”

I said, “I never said it was.”

The Sun said, “Alright, whatever.”

The Sun came out in full. Everything was lit up.

I said, “What was that all about then?”

The Sun said, “You get what you pay for.”

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