In Order to Park

I had trouble finding a parking space at the mall. My friend, Ferdinand, along for the ride, said, “You need to think positively so you can manifest a parking space.”

I said no thanks, and pressed the Time Travel button on my car dashboard. I typed in the moment of the Big Bang. There was a tremendous explosion as we found ourselves in the midst of the first moment. I reached out the window of my car and slightly altered the trajectory of a flying projectile.

Then I pressed the Time Travel button, followed by today’s date. We were suddenly back in the parking lot.

I happily parked in open space, just steps away from the entrance to the mall.

Ferdinand, in a daze said, “I don’t understand what just happened?”

I said, “Everything is set in stone from the moment of the Big Bang. Rather than fight against billions of years of momentum to try and get my way, I find it much easier to tweak the beginning.”

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