The Rock

I was curious about an oddly shaped rock. I picked it up from the ground. Suddenly there was a sucking sound coming from the hole left in the ground from the rock’s absence. Neighboring rocks moved towards the hole and were quickly sucked into the vacancy.

Soon the same end was met by sticks, clumps of grass, and trash. I saw a scorpion, then a rabbit dragged against its will, disappearing into the vacant space.

I soon felt my feet sliding across the ground towards the hungry hallow. It was then I realized that I’d pulled an earth plug. I’d read about them in Arthur C. Clarke’s 3027: Earth’s Tell-Tale Tumult. If not replugged, the Earth itself would be swallowed up whole just like a snake eating itself tale first. 

Just before what would have been my last moment, I replaced the oddly shaped rock. The sucking stopped. Every thing was still again. 

I took a picture of the rock in case you see it. In other words, don’t pick it up.

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