The Solution

I was supposed to go on my Wednesday evening walk through the woods with God, but God was a no-show. I waited an additional hour, but nope.

I got all riled up and kicked a tree.

The tree said, “Hey, what’s the big deal?”

I apologized and explained about my fuming.

The tree said, “I get it…but how about you and I hang out instead?” I said okay.

An hour later the tree and I were deep in a discussion when God showed up.

God said to me, “Hey, Brooks, sorry I’m late. Would you still like to go for a walk?”

I looked at the tree and back to God. God said, “Well?” I looked back at the tree and sighed. God said, “I have a solution.”

Two treadmills suddenly appeared on either side of the tree. The next thing I knew the three of us were on a walk together.

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