Talkin’ with the Moon

Earlier tonight I was having a rough night and couldn’t sleep. So I went out to talk to the Moon.

The Moon said, “Is something bugging you?”

I said that I was worrying about some stuff.

The Moon said, “I can relate.”

I said that I thought the Moon was always serene.

The Moon said, “That’s because you don’t hear my thoughts.”

I asked the Moon for an example.

The Moon said, “The Sun is all ‘Whatever, look at me, I’m sooooo important. I light the whole fricken galaxy!’ Well, whoop de fricken do!” I didn’t say anything.

The Moon said, “I’m sorry. I don’t have anyone to talk to. It builds up, you know. Anyway, thanks for listening. You’re a real pal.”

I said good night, went back inside, and wrote this to you. Now I definitely can’t sleep.

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