Trying to make a change

I went to the wishing well. I was angry. The wishing well asked why. I said that I’d been coming there for over twenty years and none of my wishes had come true. The wishing well spit out a refund of thousands of coins onto the ground. All the change wouldn’t fit into my pockets, so I took off my shirt and filled it up as a heavy sack. I had to drag the coins to my car.

I was in a bad mood as I drove to the bank. When I got to the bank they said their coin-counter was broken and I would have to put all the coins in coin wrappers. I swore to myself as I spent three hours stuffing the coins into the wrappers. I brought the coins to a teller. She gave me $589 in cash, plus a quarter.

I was driving towards home when I felt myself suddenly turn down the street to the wishing well. I got out of my car, slammed the door, went up to the wishing well, tossed in the quarter and said, “I wish I didn’t care what I wanted.” There was a pause. The wishing well said, “I’m thinking of becoming a hot dog stand.”

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