What Happened at the Bar

I went into the bar and everyone stopped drinking. They didn’t say a word. 

So I started talking. I told everyone everything I’ve never said to anyone. They listened. I think I was so open because they were drunk and I figured they wouldn’t remember what I said the next day. 

I went on sharing for close to five hours. By this time it was the late night and the forest animals in the park next to the bar started coming in. There was a raccoon, and a badger, a giraffe, and others. I talked while the animals roamed around me. 

I was revealing chronologically and by this time I’d only gotten to the secrets I’d been keeping since I was eleven. You have the most secrets when you are a kid to avoid the admonishment of your parents. 

By the end of the next day, I was up to telling secrets from a few minutes before I entered the bar. I had one secret left. I decided I needed that to stay private and I stopped talking and left the bar. 

As I walked home I noticed the giraffe was following me. 

The giraffe said, “Hey, I think you were holding out at the end.” 

So I told the giraffe my last secret. 

The giraffe said, “It’s not like it’s something I haven’t done.”

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