The Sea

I got a job as a sailor. I shipped out on a delivery of popcorn kernels across the Atlantic to the Barbary Coast. 
At some point on the high seas we had an encounter with a giant squid. The beast’s mighty arms held tightly to the hull of our boat and shook vigorously. 
A fire started on deck and the kernels popped and fell overboard. The giant squid ate the popcorn, got bloated, and released us. 
The captain told us because we lost our cargo, we wouldn’t get paid. My co-workers got upset and mutinied. I was the only one who abstained. 
I was forced to get in a lifeboat with the captain. 
As the main boat pulled away from us, the captain shouted at the culprits, “I’ll live to see you – all of you – hanging from the highest yardarm!” 
We sat quietly for a few moments. I noted that the waves were relaxing.

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