Meandering Club

David Bowie and I are part of a meandering club. We meet twice a month. We start walking, looking only at the ground, and keep going until we feel to stop and look around.

Recently we walked from New York City and kept going. Finally we decided to stop. We looked around and noticed that we were standing in the midst of a spring.

I said I felt powerful warmth coming up from the water and invigorating me. David Bowie said the waters were making him remember being an infant, lying in his crib, with the sun’s warmth on his body.

I noticed a young red-haired boy sitting on the bank with his feet in the spring. I asked him where we were. He said, “You’re standing in God’s healing springs of Blackville, South Carolina.”

I asked him his name. He said, “Thomas Jefferson.” I asked if he was The Thomas Jefferson. He said, “The one and only.”

David Bowie said he felt like doing a cartwheel. He did a good one.

I stood on my hands. I stayed aloft for half a minute!

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