Up in the Air

I am friends with a sequoia tree named Redmond.

Sometimes Redmond and I hang out together in the forest. Other times Redmond comes out to the city to visit me.

Last weekend, Redmond and I went to the drive-in movie theater. We saw a movie called Hotel Sitter. It was about a man who sits on the roofs of hotels. The main character enjoys being high up in the air looking out at all things around him. He chooses hotels because they have easier roof access.

I asked Redmond what he liked about the movie. Redmond said he liked spending time with me.

I said to Redmond that I liked spending time with him too. But I wanted to know what he liked about spending time with me so I could make sure to do that thing.

Redmond reiterated that he liked to spend time with me. I repeated that I liked our time together too, but what did he like specifically.

Redmond said he figured out why he lives so much longer than humans.

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