time to go

I felt the snap, pop and crackle of imminent time travel as I did the dishes. I set down the plate in the sink.

Last time I time-traveled, I was doing dishes and brought a Superman plate with me and ended up in early Mespotania, 692 BC and left the plate there. I really liked that plate.

The sink faded away and I fell back in time. I traveled through the time-time tubes and landed inside of a moving covered wagon.

There were pots and pans, suitcases and clothes, gadgets, and other various sundries. I managed my way to the front. I looked out and saw desert and a long road. There was a man out front, steering his horses. I was glad. I’d been spending too much time inside lately.

I asked if I could join him. He said he’d appreciate the pleasure of my company. I think before there were TV, movies, internet, phones, airplanes, asphalt, and mass-produced books there were just people and horses and places to live. A person was an electrifying thing.

I asked the man where he was going. He said San Francisco. I asked where we were. He said on the outskirts of Wyoming. He said we’d be on the coast in just four months. I said that might be pushing it.

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