Some Assembly Required

I woke up as a to-be-assembled kitchen table at Ikea. In a few hours, I was purchased by a family.

The family brought me home and assembled me in their kitchen so that I was a fully formed table.

Tonight the family had dinner on me.

Half-way through the meal I couldn’t keep quiet anymore and told them about my experience.

The family was stunned.

I asked not be treated as odd. I asked if they could treat me like a guest in their home. They said they could do that.

Later on, the family put me table-top side down on the sofa bed in the living room. They made sure I was warm enough under the sheets and comforter. We exchanged pleasant good-nights.

As I lay there, the loneliness that had been part of my life for so long life lifted. I was part of a family. My heart felt free.

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