Life Has a Mind of Its Own

I was out for a late night walk in the woods when I was joined by the ghost of Ben Franklin. We talked about what we’d been up to lately.

Ben Franklin said, “I set upon haunting the U.S. Mint. I exhibited myself around the hundred dollar bill printing press and said unto the Mint workers, “I have escaped from the bindings of the currency!” They engineered their pocket telephone devices and recorded me for YouTube. I thinkith it’s a sign of dulled imaginations when one loses the ability to be scared.”

I said, “I can see what you mean…I met a squirrel in a park this week. We really hit it off. We actually decided to get married. I never thought I’d feel that way about anyone. But lo and behold, there we were at City Hall, getting a marriage license. Afterwards, we got into an argument about where we would live. My squirrel partner wanted to live in a tree. I wanted to live in my house.”

Ben Franklin said, “And what was the final conclusion?”

My squirrel partner peaked her head out of my shirt and shrieked, “Oh my God, it’s the ghost of Ben Franklin!”

Ben Franklin said, “You have found yourself a fine partner!”

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