Time and Again

Time stood still. It stayed at 4:14 PM. People were stuck in the same position. The clouds stopped moving. The Sun stayed at the same place in the sky.

But for some reason I could move around.

At first it was great because I got to skip down the middle of the highway, and I went into a grocery store and peeled and ate an orange right in the middle of the produce section, and I enjoyed going up to various people and saying in a sing-song voice, “I like whipped cream!”

But then I got edgy. I wanted time to return. I missed interacting with the world.

I tried moving my watch’s hands forward, but they wouldn’t budge. I stamped on the Earth to try and get it to rotate again, but it stayed put.

I got frustrated and fell to the ground.

While down there, I noticed an ant looking back at me. We rejoiced at finding each other.

I held the ant’s little insect hand and we skipped down the highway together singing:

It’s just us,
Nothing but you and me,
Finally, finally, finally!

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