Difficult Memory

When I was a kid we had a pet rhino named Beryl. Beryl lived with us in the house. We treated her as a member of the family. When we ate dinner, Beryl ate dog food out of a trough next to the dinner table. Beryl affectionately laid on all our laps every night as we watched TV.

Sometimes it was my job to walk Beryl. I did my best to reign in Beryl. But something would often make her charge and yank me with her.

The worst time was when she got angry and chased a neighbor’s car for two hours. I trailed behind as a flailing kite. When the neighbor stopped to get gas, Beryl plowed into the back of the neighbor’s car. I had to apologize. It was an awkward and uncomfortable situation for a three year old.

I was too embarrassed to call my parents from the gas station’s payphone. So I climbed on Beryl and road back home. In someways I’m still waiting to get there.

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