Steve Jobs

I had breakfast with the ghost of Steve Jobs. Usually I meet ghosts after they’ve been dead for a long while. This was my first fresh ghost!

I showed Steve Jobs the cover of the newspaper. It was his face and his birth and death dates. I said it was funny that the really significant part of that is the dash. Steve Jobs suggested the dash should be at the end suggesting a corpse.

I asked what he was going to do now. Steve Jobs said that from what he gathered, once you die, your days of planning are over. You’re like a tissue in a windstorm. He said that’s funny because it was how life used to feel but with the illusion that he was steering.

Then Steve Jobs and I went on facebook and saw all the tributes people were writing about him. I wrote that the ghost of Steve Jobs was visiting me. People responded by saying that I was being insensitive. Steve Jobs wrote, “No, I’m actually here. It’s really nice that people are saying these wonderful things about me.”

This resulted in so many complaints that I was removed from facebook. I said it’s hard to go against the grain. Steve Jobs said, “Tell me about it.”

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