Some Helpful Advice

I traveled back in time to yesterday. I caught up with myself having breakfast.

Yesterday’s Me said, “To what do I owe this honor?”

Today’s Me said, “Just visiting a friend.”

Yesterday’s Me said, “What should I know about today?”

Today’s Me said, “Things will go good until you decide to take a drive through the country-side. While out and about you will pick up a hitch-hiking bear. The bear will tell you about a bee-hive he found while out looking for food.”

Yesterday’s Me said, “But I like bears.”

Today’s Me said, “I know, but the thing is he’ll take the hive out from under his arm to show you, unplug it, and bees will fill your car.”

Yesterday’s Me said, “I was trying to avoid avoiding asking about your puffy-puffy face.”

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