Reverence For Life

I was changing the oil in my car when the ghost of famous philosopher Albert Schweitzer stopped by.

Albert Schweitzer said, “Changing the oil in my Model T always brought me great solace from the pressures of my work day.”

I said, “It’s funny that you felt pressure being a philosopher. I thought philosophy was supposed to be a way to introduce and extend peace of mind into our daily lives.”

Albert Schweitzer said, “Alas, we chase the elusive quietude that is so silent it remains undiscovered.”

I said, “I always feel good putting my hand on my girlfriend’s ass. What more is there?”

Albert Schweitzer said, “I once went on a date with Betty Grable. I lost all composure and acted as if I were a gibbon in heat. In the midst of my embarrassment with my animal nature, I suddenly was entranced and overcome by the peace that surpasseth all understanding.”

I removed the oil filter and warm and dirty oil flowed out onto the oil pan below.

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