Off the Path

I took a tour of the White House. I was pretty excited at first. But then I got bored and parted from the group. I wandered around upstairs. I found an empty bedroom and took a nap.

When I woke, the Obama’s dog, Bo, was sleeping next to me. His leg’s were running in place. It’s funny how dogs do that when they dream. But then I had a girlfriend who once told me that I shave while asleep.

Bo woke up and said to me, “Who are you?”

I said, “I’m Brooks.”

Bo said, “Can you take me for a walk?”

I’m a sucker for dogs and Bo showed me his leash.

We took a stroll on the White House lawn.

I said, “It’s funny how people will practically kill themselves to become President of the United States and live here. But you were basically born cute and the Obama’s couldn’t resist you and here you are.”

Bo said, “Life is a paradox…Can you toss me the ball so I can fetch it?”

I found a squishy ball and threw it far. Bo went nuts and ran after it. Bo bit into the ball and ran back to me.

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