Making Sure It Was the Right Thing to Do

I ordered steak. I was ready to cut my first piece when the steak said, “Could we talk?”

I’m courteous and said, “Yes, what about?

The steak said, “I used to be a cow. Now I’m a steak. Soon I will be digested by you and become you. I just wanted to make sure the transition to you is the right one. What do you do with your day?”

I said, “Well, I sleep every other day. I don’t like to sleep daily because it makes me lazy. Any kind of repetition makes the mind go to sleep. You may say that sleeping every other day is repetition, but it’s not by choice. Exhaustion makes me basically conk out while in the midst of my three major daily activities eating, writing, and watering the lawn. I own sixty acres of land.”

The steak said, “What do you write about?”

I said, “I write journal entries online about my day.”

The steak said, “Will you write about me?”

I said, “Absolutely!”

The steak said, “Bon Appetit!”

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