The Next Best Thing

I got in my rocket and went to Venus. I got out and walked around. Talk about desolate. You can’t see the sky because of the denseness of the carbon monoxide. This made me go inward.

I thought about how I do all the strange things that I write about in these posts, and now they all seem normal. It’s hard for me to do something anymore that feels out of the ordinary.

Last week, I went back to the Big Bang, and in the midst of things, I thought about what I’d like for lunch. Not long ago, I traveled back in time and prevented the assassination of President Lincoln, and afterwards I realized it didn’t matter because eventually Lincoln would die anyway.

Suddenly a Venusian came out of the heavy mist and shook my hand. He said he wanted to show me an amazing property that just came on the market. We went and looked at the place. It was a three bedroom, two bathroom house. Normally I don’t need that much space. But it had such a nice feel, and interest rates on Venus are at .18589%!!

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