The New Mayor

I was riding the el train when newly elected Chicago Mayor Rahm sat next to me. I just said hi. I kept it low key. Recently famous people appreciate the lo-hello because they get high octane greetings all day long which soon becomes offensive. It’s been said to feel like an attack. Can you imagine a hello being violent?

I went back to my usual blank stare. I call it “the giving up.” I long ago go up the fight for control of my mind. Now it’s just non-stop foot traffic thoughts of every kind.

Chicago Mayor Rahm said to me, “And what do you do?” Usually my blankness causes people to leave me alone. It’s like an empty house. Why would you knock on the door? But he knocked.

I said, “Nothing. Everyone seems to be taken care of.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm said, “Not everything. Would you like to be my deputy?”

I said, “Okay.” He even gave me a shiny badge!

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