Prayed On

I was stuck in traffic. No one was moving. I had to pee. I thought I could hold out. But then I didn’t think so. I decided to pray.

I closed my eyes and palmed my hands over my heart. I’d never prayed before. I saw praying in a movie recently. It was called, “Charyl’s Revenge.” It was about a woman whose husband left her. She’s despondent and prays. She ends up winning the lottery and takes some of the money and pays a hit-man to have her husband killed.

I thought, “Dear God. Hi. Look, I have to pee. Traffic’s not moving. I don’t want to pee in my car. Seriously.”

I stopped praying and waited. The cars still weren’t moving. I thought, “Oh, no.”

But then I looked out my window and saw a truck carrying port-o-pottys right next to me. I looked up at the sky and said, “Thanks, God.” I got out of my car, snuck into a port-o-potty and did my business. I was relieved. But then the truck started moving.

After a few hours, the truck parked. I got out. I was in the middle of a yard of thousands of port-o-pottys. It was dark. A guard dog bared its teeth at me. It started to rain. I should have known that something in a movie wasn’t actually real.

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