Learning About the Two

I’ve never had a belief in God or the Devil. I’ve certainly heard of these gentlemen. My parents on a whim decided to go to a church when I was five and it was here that we learned of the Cosmic Duo.

It was a little hard for me to focus because there were no cartoons to go along with the stories. Just a man standing behind a podium talking in a sort of sing-song downtrodden cadence. I sensed there was a seriousness to what he had to say, but not in the same way as if a dog got lose and was biting everyone.

The strangest thing was I got a feeling that I had done something wrong. I’d never had this experience before. Previously sometimes I’d do something and was punished. But I felt that was just what happened when certain things were done.

I felt uncomfortable and asked my parents if we could leave. They were feeling the same way and we got up to leave. The priest pointed us out to everyone and questioned our decision. We outsmarted the priest when we said we needed to use the restroom.

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