Do the Hip Shake Baby

It’s been a pretty busy ghosty week. Today on my morning lake walk I came upon the ghost of Slim Harpo. Sometimes I wonder if they come looking for me or I for them. I’ve been singing Shake Your Hips all week.

I said, “Slim, now that you’re dead, do you still sing your songs?”

Slim said, “I don’t sing them, but I think them. When you’re dead, your thoughts are at the volume of spoken words.”

I said, “Sometimes I wonder if I’m dead because I have that experience now.”

Slim said, “Well, let me ask you this, why do you think is it that you keep seeing ghosts on a regular basis?”

I said, “Oh.”

Slim started to sing and I joined in:

What you don’t know
don’t be afraid
just listen to me
and do what I say
Don’t move your head
don’t move your hands
don’t move your lips
just shake your hips

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