The ghost of Marie Curie stopped by for breakfast. Pretty much all ghosts can’t eat food. She asked for some of my oatmeal and I gave her a bowl and she ate it. That made me think that she wasn’t a ghost. But then I went onto Wikipedia and saw that she died in 1934. It’s funny how expectations play with our thoughts.

I know a lot of famous dead people’s names and I have a crude understanding of what they did in their lives. I was told about the reasons for their fame while in school. But this kind of info doesn’t stick in my mind. I knew Ms. Curie was a scientist. I asked for details and she told me she isolated radium. This shut down my mind and I had to lay on the floor for a second.

She asked me what I did. I showed her this Better Late Than Dead blog. I asked if she wanted to write a post. She didn’t get the concept and wrote on the screen with a pen and wrecked the screen a bit.

I was angry so I asked Ms. Curie how she died. She said radiation poisoning. Her invention killed her. I asked if this frustrated her. She said at first, but then she realized it was better than living longer because she worked in an office doing something she didn’t care for.

This is a photo of Ms. Curie I took with my iPhone. My phone takes colored images. But there’s something about dead people that deteriorates their surroundings.

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