Day Trip

Today I was restless and got in my spaceship and rocketed to the Nebula star system. I space parked and got into my spacesuit and went for a space walk. I love the feeling of space walking. There’s nothing to run into. On earth I’m constantly walking into trees and street signs.

I bought one of those extra long oxygen tubes for the space walks. They were on sale at The extenda tube allows me to go pretty far. Today I space walked so far that I could no longer see my spaceship. I felt enveloped in blackness. When I first got the oxygen tube I painted it black so I could have the feeling that I didn’t need the tube. I’m always looking for ways to feel more powerful.

I couldn’t tell where I was at. As a result I had no frame of reference. I suddenly felt I was the primal force of concentrated energy just before it became the big bang. I thought of what I might become. The magnetic field, a galaxy, a black hole, a planet, an ocean, a sneeze.

Just then my dog Bippy appeared out of the blackness. She was in her spacesuit, licking the inside of the glass of her helmet. She always gets so happy when she sees me.

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