Brooks, Meet Brooks

Today I was visited by the ghost of Brooks Palmer. He is the author of, “A Treasury of American Clocks.” I’ve never read the book. I only recently became aware of the book because I get Google Alerts due to he and I having the same name.

Brooks said, “How do you like being a published author?”

I said, “It’s okay. About a month after my clutter busting book came out, I got a smoking jacket, ascot, and a long filter-tip cigarette holder from the Writer’s Association. I’ve tried writing with the outfit a few times. I noticed an improvement. But it was hard with the coughing.”

Brooks said, “I wish I was still alive. I have some more books that I would like to write. I want to write a novelization about President Franklin Roosevelt’s addiction to pudding. And I’d like write to a fictionalized autobiography of a tree that’s deceased because he’s now the book being read.”

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