Me and My Pet Rock

I have a pet rock that loves to disagree with me on every topic. As a result I try and never tell my pet rock what I’m up to or what I’m thinking about. I walk by my pet rock and say, “Good day to you.” My pet rock often just nods back.

But this morning I was feeling kind of low and I saw that my pet rock was looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

I said, “I’m mulling over some new flavors that I want to add to my Popsicle business.”

My pet rock said, “Why would you do that? Your business is very successful. Why take a chance that may end up hurting your business?”

I said, “But I thrive on taking chances. If I’d never done that twenty years ago, I never would have even started my Popsicle business.”

My pet rock said, “You need to learn to stop when you’re ahead.”

I said, “But that’s not my nature. You can’t avoid what you are!”

My pet rock said, “Yes you can!!”

Suddenly I realized my pet rock’s nature is cautious. I was trying to change my pet rock’s nature by defending my own.

I picked up my pet rock and caressed its surface with my thumb. My pet rock started to laugh.

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