It’s About Time

I was taking a swim in the pond when I came across a ghost wearing green swimming trunks.

I said, “Nice bathing suit.”

The ghost said, “Thanks!!”

I said, “I can never find green bathing suits. Where did you get it?”

The ghost of time said, “Target. But it was the last one.”

I said, “Crap!…Oh, well. I’m Brooks.”

The ghost said, “Hi, I’m the ghost of time.”

I said, “Hey, how can you be the ghost of time? Time always is.”

The ghost of time said, “No, you’re mistaken. There’s always the present moment, but when it’s perceived and the mind takes a hold of it, it becomes time and dies.”

I said, “My mind kills time?”

The ghost of time said, “No, your mind kills the present moment so it can eat it as an experience.”

I swam off by myself. I felt depressed thinking about eating the present moment. But then I remembered my second grade biology teacher, Mr. Simkin, telling us that food doesn’t mind being eaten because it gets the opportunity to become part of us and experience things in a new way, and I felt better.

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