Today I tried to break the World’s Record for eating the most popsicles. Berywn’s Grocers sponsored my attempt. I sat at a table in the front of the store next to three freezers full of popsicles. A representative from Guinness Book was there to verify if I broke the popsicle eating record.

I started with cherry lime. I really like that popsicle mixture. My tongue likes to sample the lime, and then when it’s ready I go for the cherry. Sometimes I blend. But I really like the separate flavors back and forth. Next I had cola and mint. This is not one of my favorites. Cola, yes. But I don’t like mint cold. It’s already cold. I always think, “What’s the point?” Then it was on to Pineapple mango. They are similar tastes. Luckily I like both.

An hour into it my tongue could no longer taste the popsicles. I’d heard about the taste-buds freezing up. I always thought it happened to people with weak tongues. I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. I tried pretending I was having a good time but I had a hard time hiding the panic. I was two popsicles away from breaking the world record. I tried biting off the top part of the popsicle and rubbing the stick against my tongue to generate heat. But I rubbed too hard and my tongue began bleeding. I couldn’t believe that my dreams were about to be dashed.

But then I remembered when I was seven and I visited the High-Jinks Popsicle Factory in Hersey, Pennsylvania. The owner visited the tour. He told us that he loved popsicles and wanted start his own popsicle company since he was eight. I asked him what his favorite flavor was. He stepped out and came back with a special popsicle that was made just for his enjoyment. It was bubble gum-avacado. He gave it to me. I tried it. I felt such a great warmth come over me. It was the most perfect blending. Hot tears streamed down my face. I knew then that I would one day break the world’s popsicle eating record.

Suddenly my tongue was warm. I could taste banana-guava. I knew then that today my dreams would come true!

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