Travelin’ Band

Okay, so here I am still in 1969. If this sounds confusing, take a look at what I wrote yesterday so you can catch up.

I left the lake where I was hiding and went to the freeway where I hitched a ride. A tour bus pulled over. I hoped in. It turns out they were a band traveling down the road to their next show. I asked them their name. I couldn’t believe it. They were Creedence Clearwater Revival. But then when I thought about what had happened recently, it made sense.

I couldn’t believe how quickly I thought on my feet. I told John Fogerty that in the future, he’ll be performing onstage in Poughkepsie, New York and his rhythm guitarist will instantly turn to eight years old. I said, “He might be confused, so don’t be angry at him. But you might want to inconspicuously unplug his guitar and let him wail away thinking he’s making beautiful music.” Because it was 1969, he accepted what I said and told me he was looking forward to it.

John said, “You’re from the future, right?”

I said, “Yes.”

John said, “What’s it like?”

I said, “People still complain, there’s plenty of war to go around for everyone, Nixon gets kicked out but then becomes a guru, everyone’s got their own computer but they use it for porn –

Tom, John’s brother, interrupts me and says, “Are we still a band?”

I said, “You’ll break up in a couple of years. It’s messy. You remain estranged.”

They stopped the bus and let me off. I gotta stop thinking that everyone is into rock and roll trivia.

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