Deana Bish

When I was seven, I went on my first date. It was with Deana Bish. We were in first grade together. I asked her if she wanted to walk down the hallway with me, from our English class to History. She got nervous and turned tomato red. I thought something was wrong with her medically. I asked if I should get the school nurse. She said no in a kind of painful sound.

We stood there in silence. We were both trembling. That was nice. It was my first feeling of togetherness. I blurted out,”I love you.” She said, “What?” I said that I had just sneezed. She said bless me.

Deana said she thought she was going to throw up. I showed up in my manliness by giving her my lunch bag. The thing is, I didn’t think she was actually going to throw up. When she did I had the surprise feeling of being there for her and wondering what I would do for lunch. She handed me back my lunch bag. She was embarrassed and looked down.

I got the confidence to start walking towards History class. I grabbed the sleeve of her shirt. I was so excited to feel the warmth of her skin on the sleeve that I dropped my lunch bag and she stepped on it and slipped and fell and I came with her.

I saw flashing lights and passed out. I woke up in the nurse’s office. The nurse said she called my mom and she was going to be there any minute. I was so excited to tell my mom about my first date!

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