I Made a New Friend

I’d had enough and went for a walk deep into the woods. A couple hours in, I came across President Obama. I was surprised. It’s pretty rare to actually see the President in person.

I said, “Hey!”

Obama said, “How’s it goin’?”

I said, “Great, I love the woods.”

He said, “Me too!”

I said, “My favorite tree is a redwood. What’s yours?”

Obama said, “Birch. I like sketching them. Take a look at these.”

He took a sketch pad out of his jacket pocket and showed me some light drawings he did of birch trees. They were okay.

I said, “Those are okay.”

Obama said, “Thanks. Hey, would you care to walk with me for a bit? We can talk out loud about our tree observations.”

I wasn’t too enthusiastic about that since I like my quiet time in the woods, but I was feeling intimidated by the 12 Secret Service men that were watching me from a few feet away. So I said, “Yes!”

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