A Difficult Morning

I was writing in a cafe when I realized I was naked. I thought at first that I might be wrong. My imagination is pretty strong and I can think something is happening when it’s only going on in my mind. But I took myself in, and yes I was naked. I forgot to put clothes on when I went out that morning. Sometimes I get so lost in my mind that I forget things.

I snapped into action. At first I pretended that I wasn’t naked. I figured this way no one else in the cafe would realize that I was naked. I continued drinking my tea. I looked out the window with an easy gaze. I pretended to have an important thought in my mind.

Then I packed up my computer. I stood up and covered up my privates with my computer case. I didn’t look down to make sure I covered up all the details. I figured my looking would attract others’ attention. I looked straight ahead very intensely figuring that anyone happening to look in my direction would be interested in what I was looking at.

I walked towards the exit. My friend Felicia Chalmers came in saw me. She said, “Why aren’t you wearing any clothes?”

Everyone in the cafe looked up from their computers and looked over at me.

I panicked and said, “someone in the cafe stole my clothes. I was busy writing and didn’t see who it was…I’m so angry….urrrrrrr!”

She said, “You forgot to wear clothes when you went out today.”

I said, “No, someone, you know, just…yes, you’re right…I’m so embarrassed.”

She gave me her coat and I put it on. The weird thing was I was more humiliated wearing her coat because it was bright pink and had flowers and lace.

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