I Took a Different Way

I was walking through the park when I fell through a mole hole. It was kind of exciting to be underground. There’s a was a very fresh smell of dirt. After a minute my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I started to crawl through the mole’s tunnel.

I came upon a worm. The worm said, “The mole’s gonna be pissed you’re in his tunnel?”

I said, “We’ll see about that. I’m actually a very likable person…Oh, you might want to be careful about sticking your head out of the ground for a little while, there are a bunch of robin’s above ground looking for lunch.”

The worm smiled and said, “Thanks.”

I continued my tunnel crawl. I came upon the mole. At first the mole squinted at me. I was thinking that the mole was not used to seeing a human in their tunnel. I held out my hand and said, “Hi, my name is Brooks.”

The mole said, “Oh, hi, my name is Do-Ta-Ta-do.” I shook its little paw.

Do-Ta-Ta-do said, “Would you like to visit all my tunnels with me?”

I said, “Yes, indeed.”

I spent the rest of the afternoon visiting Do-Ta-Ta-do’s 36 tunnels. I was inspired by his ingenuity getting around tree roots.

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