Putting a toe in the water

My therapist said, “I think it’s time that you stop seeing me. You seem to be okay. I feel like I’m taking your money.”

I said, “But what if I feel nervous and insecure?”

My therapist said, “It’s like I’ve been telling you, those are normal feelings.”

So I went out into the world. I was a little nervous. I bought and ate a candy bar. I accidentally ate the wrapper along with it. But it was still pretty good. I started feeling better.

I went to get gas for my car. I got scared of the gas tank. So I drank a little gas and felt relaxed.

I went to the post office. The postal employee said, “How can I help you?”

I said, “Do you have a stamp with my face on it?”

The postal employee said, “Let me see.” She looked and lo and behold she did. I bought a book of twenty because it helped increase my self-confidence.

I went to the ocean. The Ocean said, “Long time no see.”

I got nervous because I thought the ocean was upset at me. But then I thought, it’s normal. The ocean is loud. It’s waves crash. That’s what it does.

So instead of reacting, I said, “It’s good to see you too.”

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