Getting Along

I have a lizard for a pet. Everyday I feed her crickets for breakfast. She goes nuts and scrambles after the crickets, wolfing them down with abandon. But one morning about six months ago she ate all the crickets but one. I thought she must have missed it. She’d find it later and chomp it down.

I got home later that night and was surprised to see the cricket alive and wandering freely around my lizard’s cage. The next morning I fed my lizard the crickets and she ate all of them except for that one cricket. I checked in on my lizard in the afternoon and found her curled up with the cricket under her arm. They were napping together.

Six months later, this cricket is still alive. Sometimes the cricket rides on my lizard’s back. They often bathe together in the water dish. I caught them once kissing behind the log in the middle of the cage.

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