Taking a Break

I own a space ship. I like to take it out for drives in the solar system when I feel like I need a break from the Earth.

Last weekend I ventured out to Callisto. This is one of the moons around Jupiter. It’s kind of ugly and desolate, but the nice thing about visiting Callisto is its privacy, you’re guaranteed to not run into anyone else. Europa is the most colorful and beautiful of Jupiter’s 63 moons, and because of this you can’t go anywhere without running into noisy tourists. I feel, if you’re going to get away, get away.

I set up my plastic airtight tent in the Syntex crater on the northside of Callisto. I got out my feather bed and a desk and a chair. I did some writing and then I retired to my bed for a nap. Whenever I sleep on Callisto, it’s all deep sleep, I never have any dreams. Because of this, I only need to sleep two hours. Then I got in my space suit and went for a walk with my dog. He wore his suit too.

The really nice thing about space travel is you can’t go online or check email. I say this because it doesn’t matter. There’s something about being on Earth that makes being online seem necessary. But then there I was walking my dog on Callisto, feeling so peaceful, and having a vague thought about the internet and thinking, “Yeah, whatever.”

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