I was watching TV when I noticed a trail of ants crossing my living room floor. I got up off my couch and got in at the end of their line. I followed them into my kitchen. They were taking pieces of my coffee cake away. I took a piece and followed the line through my living room, out the back door and down into their underground ant farm.

I dropped the crumb off in their receiving room. The ant in charge looked up at me and then back at the crumb and then quickly back to me. The ant ducked.

I said, “Don’t be scared, I’m not gonna step on you. It’s my coffee cake and I don’t want it back, I was just curious. You have an amazing place. I can’t believe all the tunnels. I wish my place had this many passage ways.”

The ant said, “Well, thanks. We encourage creativity here.”

I said, “Can I move in with you guys?”

The ant said, “Sure.”

I moved in that day with my TV and the rest of my stuff.

Last night my new friends and I went on a wedding cake run at Pierson’s Cake Shop.

Tonight we’re watching the Super Bowl. I don’t mind explaining the game to them.

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  1. I do all my editing online. After it's up there on the internet for a couple of hours, the story changes and as a journalist I need to adapt it.

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