Helping Out

I was riding the Bart this morning. I started to fall asleep. Suddenly the train wakes me up by shaking.

Then the train goes, “Hey, wake up, I want to talk with you.”

I said, “Yes, what’s up?

The train said, “I wish I could walk. I wonder what it’s like to have feet and travel in any direction you like?”

I said, “It’s pretty good. When I need something, I walk over and get it. Would you like to try and walk? I can help you.”

The train thought about it for a minute and then said, “Yes!”

The train came to a stop.

I said, “Okay, lift one of your wheels up slowly and move it a few inches to the right.”

The train said, “I’m trying, but it’s hard to coordinate.”

I said, “Take your time. There’s no hurry.”

I could feel the train slowly lean.

I said, “You can do it.”

The train lifted up one wheel and set itself down to the right.

I said, “Great! Okay, let’s try another.”

Eventually the train got off the track. I then got it to think of itself as a centipede and it began slowing moving forward. The train was soon walking down the road.

A guy was driving by in a truck and and he looked over and saw the train walking and he was so surprised. He wasn’t looking where he was going and almost crashed into into a pole.

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